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West Hartford, CT

(860) 712-5520

Nest Studio, based in West Hartford, CT, is a textile studio, where one- of-a-kind decorative pillows are created by two friends, Erica Moses and Maureen Skau. The pillows are made from fabric from all over the world, including Brazil, Bali, India and Japan. Each pillow is different. No two are ever alike and all of them have surprising backs...

Flor de Chifre - India / Brazil


Flor de Chifre - India / Brazil

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Flor de Chifre - India / Brazil


I named this pillow "Flor de Chifre", inspired by the plant "Platycerrium bifurcatum". This fabric is 100% cotton printed in India and was bought on a beautiful, warm, sunny day on the fine white sand of Ipanema Beach, Rio. A man was selling his wares on the beach and I spotted this fabric among many others. I knew it was going home with me. Now, it's in a pillow for you. If you sniff it, you might get a whiff of the ocean...

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