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West Hartford, CT

(860) 712-5520

Nest Studio, based in West Hartford, CT, is a textile studio, where one- of-a-kind decorative pillows are created by two friends, Erica Moses and Maureen Skau. The pillows are made from fabric from all over the world, including Brazil, Bali, India and Japan. Each pillow is different. No two are ever alike and all of them have surprising backs...


At the temples in India, the nagas take the form of snakes carved into stones. Hindu women gather around the stones to make offerings to the female snake goddesses. The naga symbolizes many energies. It is not an evil creature, but rather a divinity representing eternity, life and death, time and timelessness. 

I was drawn to this cloth mainly because the shibori pattern in different  hues of blue and gray reminded me of a serpent. It was a sunny, warm day and my heart was happy. I could feel the naga's positive energy as I held it in my hands. I hope you can as well as you hold a naga pillow in yours. Made with love.